We are proud to offer consultancy and dispute resolution services in all aspects of maritime, shipping and transportation law to both domestic and international parties.

Turkey’s geographical location with the surrounding three seas, the hinterland which it serves and its position in the World Energy Corridor is unique. Our teams of lawyers are highly skilled in providing the below stated services:

  • Assisting and representing parties through the purchase, sale, rental, construction and/or finance of ships;

  • Advice on marine insurance and P&I related matters;

  • Dispute resolution services in relation to claims pertaining to ships, cargo claims and relevant lawsuits;

  • Advice on maritime labour law;

  • Drafting or reviewing of voyage charters, time charters, bareboat charters and bills of lading;

  • Representing lenders, owners, charterers, agencies, brokers and insurers in all aspect of insolvency matters.

In times of crisis and turmoil, maritime, shipping and transportation sectors need a worldwide approach in debt recoveries, rehabilitations and liquidations which should be handled internationally. In this respect Kaçar is highly skilled to develop and apply strategies and manage cross-border insolvency issues with its involvement in networks of insolvency and turnaround professionals all around the world.

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