Our firm is comprised of lawyers with diverse skills and years of experience to offer a high level of service to the insurance sector. 

Our consultancy services are mainly for insurance and reinsurance brokers, individual pension intermediaries and insurance agencies.

We assist our broker clients in preparing client agreements, broker of record letters and broker letters of understandings exclusively designed considering the relevant treasury regulations. We also advise brokers on premium transfer authorization and working principles protocols signed with insurers.

Considering the strict regulations of the insurance industry, we monitor the regulatory changes affecting intermediaries and report to our clients and make sure they are compliant.  Along with our consultancy services we also provide litigation services which include representation of clients in E&O cases and in other litigation processes as a notified party.

We understand that Insurance and Reinsurance sector stakeholders require prompt and optimal solutions in resolving disputes. Therefore our dispute resolution team follows the best efficient way for our clients and ensures a high quality representation is delivered.

We are also proud to offer representation services to insurers and reinsurers in arbitration and litigation processes and we advise on the following services:

  • Insurance and reinsurance coverage disputes

  • Defending claims of insured parties

  • Subrogation / recourse claims

  • Insurance sector employment issues including disputes over team moves

  • Disputes over portfolio claims of insurance agencies

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