Our team is experienced in providing practical commercial solutions ranging from advice in the first stages of a disagreement through court proceedings and enforcement.

We negotiate, mediate and litigate disputes in real estate, construction, employment, intellectual property, insurance, reinsurance, shipping, shareholder claims, tax and administrative matters as well as our main focus of bankruptcy.

In addition to litigation, we use negotiation, mediation and expert determination procedures to resolve disputes in a way that supports the strategic and commercial objectives of our clients. We also regularly provide risk management advice to pre-empt litigation and minimize the risk of disputes which may arise in litigation or arbitration.

We advise on a range of related matters including contractual interpretation, breach of contract, sale of goods and services disputes and E&O claims, as well as large debt claims and bankruptcy-related issues.

Understanding the business of our clients is vital for the service we provide. The depth of our team’s expertise and knowledge enable us to work effectively with our clients to identify risks and establish the best solutions at all stages of the dispute processes. Our resources and flexibility enable us to offer appropriate and tailored solutions to our clients.

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